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'I Found Stella Parish' (1935)

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January 16, 2014:

femininetouch24234Added three portraits. Two for 1931. One for 1932. One for 1936.

For the films I added:

A photo of Pat O’Brien and Kay reading on the set of Women Are Like That (1938)
A film ad for King of the Underworld (1939)
A photo for Play Girl (1941)
A photo for The Man Who Lost Himself (1941)
A photo for The Feminine Touch (1941)
A photo for Always in My Heart (1942)

Shame on you, TCM, for no birthday tribute to Kay Francis!


January 13, 2015

Happy 110th Birthday Kay Francis!



“I loved Kay Francis. One of the great movie-going pleasures in the 1930s was Kay. She was exotic, poised, dark, and lovely. I did her hairstyle in a film with my good friend Roz Russell…Kay was a joy to work with. She possessed incredible eyes that were very expressive. She wore hats and turbans with such style and grace. She was very elegant on and off the screen.” —Sidney Guilaroff


January 11, 2015:

piccollonovember181937Added a review for The False Madonna (1931). Also added the movie herald.

For the other film pages I added:

A German poster for The White Angel (1936)
A German poster for Another Dawn (1937)
Added a poster for Women Are Like That (1938)
Added a poster for My Bill (1938)

I added six magazine covers:

De Film (1935)
Film Weekly (1932)
Il Libro Favorito (1935)
Le Film (1935, with Leslie Howard)
Piccolo (1937)
Picturegoer (1937)

I also added a 1930 clipping of Kay Francis as Cleopatra.

Finally, there are three new portraits. One each for 1929, 1930, and 1934, respectively.

Best of luck for the week. Remember: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 will be Kay Francis’ 110th Birthday!



January 9, 2015:

ifoundstellaparishad232Added a review for The Virtuous Sin (1930). Going to try to have every Kay Francis movie reviewed for this site as this year’s resolution!

To the film pages, I added:

Two photos for Street of Women.
Polish trade ads for The Keyhole and House on 56th Street.
A photo of Kay and Gene Raymond for House on 56th Street.
An ad for I Found Stella Parish.

Enjoy, Michael.


January 4, 2015:

Added a review for Between Us Girls and also added a review and background information for Four Jills in a Jeep.

Just realized that I don’t have many more films left before I can say I’ve seen every movie Kay Francis has ever appeared in. I had reviewed Dangerous Curves a few years ago, but I seem to have lost the document on my computer. The next time I watch it is when I’ll review it.

This means the only later film of Kay’s left for me to review is Charley’s Aunt. That only leaves me with her Paramount films to watch: The Cocoanuts, The Marriage Playground, Let’s Go Native, The Virtuous Sin, Scandal Sheet, The Vice Squad, and The False Madonna.

Illusion is, unfortunately, a lost film. With the start of a New Year (and impending college graduation in May) maybe this will be the year to complete the task!

I actually just ordered a DVD copy of Virtuous Sin. Interested to see that since it has Walter Huston, Kay’s future husband Kenneth MacKenna, and it’s actually one of Kay’s larger roles from Paramount.

Some of her other Paramount movies I’m reluctant to view. From what I have read they’re a bit stale, and she appears in few scenes. We’ll see what happens.



January 1, 2015:

Added a review for 1934’s British Agent.


December 28, 2014:

I would like to introduce a new site feature:

A Kay Francis Encyclopedia.

It is being published in conjunction with the upcoming 5 year anniversary of this website. I still have a few more things to add to it, but on the whole that’s exactly how it will be formatted.

As you all know I usually do continuous site updates. I’ve been MIA since the week of Thanksgiving between switching hosts and formatting the encyclopedia so the dust should be starting to settle soon, and I’ll be going back to the normal way I update this site.

Of course I was inspired to complete the feature by Stephanie Jones’ work on the Joan Crawford: Best of Everything website. As Stephanie and I have had frequent communication going on almost 10 years (including a visit to Crawford’s final resting place), her work for Crawford really has been inspiring for me to do a similar piece for Kay.



The online resource for Kay Francis…

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