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June 23, 2015:

divorcemphad1945ARCHIVES:Is Stardom Worth It?” A very interesting February 1939 article published in Modern Screen–one month before Kay’s notorious “I Can’t Wait to Be Forgotten” interview was published.

FILMS: Added photos from fan magazines (at the bottom of the page) and advertisements for Stolen Holiday (1937); added photos and advertisements for It’s a Date (1940), Divorce (1945) & Allotment Wives (1945).

I’M BACK! I have had to relocate across the country for the next few months for work. Very stressful, and I was unable to update the website for a time. I enjoy working on this very much. I’m just waiting for some news on a temporary apartment.

This website is now on Facebook! Have you “liked” the page? 

Enjoy the best of everything,



June 15, 2015:

Well, I was hesitant to do this, because I am not exactly thrilled with Facebook, but I have decided to launch a companion Facebook page for this website: http://www.facebook.com/filmsofkayfrancis

We’ll see how this works out! But I think it will be a nice way to have more day-to-day contact with KF fans. One thing about Kay, she doesn’t draw the type of negative attention that other stars (Joan Crawford) do.

June 11, 2015:

In 1934 with Kenneth MacKenna.
In 1934 with Kenneth MacKenna.

CANDID: Added two shots of Kay with husband Kenneth MacKenna; one in 1935 with famous friends, and one from 1936 with Ruth Chatterton. At the bottom of the page, a 1930 shot of Kay at home.

CLIPPINGS: Added a fashion spread from a 1932 issue of Photoplay.

PORTRAITS: Added five portraits among the following years: 1930, 1932, 1933, 1938, 1940.

Turning what seems to be a curse into something useful: insomnia–I have some pretty busy couple of weeks ahead of me. Working on this site in the late, late hours of the night enables me to at least get my brain a little beat for sleeping.

June 6, 2015:

stranded0515151pictureplay0935FILMS: Added so many wonderful photos, reviews, and advertisements to the following films:

Living on Velvet (1935)
Stranded (1935)
The White Angel (1936)
Give Me Your Heart (1936)
Another Dawn (1937)
Confession (1937)
First Lady (1937)
My Bill (1938)
Comet Over Broadway (1938)

When I first began working on this website (as far back as 2008, though it wasn’t published until 2010), I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to locate a lot of photos of Kay to keep a good gallery of images.

All these years later, I have so many images of Kay (over 2,000 photos of her on this website), it’s almost like an odd game with the internet and the past. As soon as I think I’ve seen all the KF photo sessions, one pops up and I realize just how much she really had to be pictured back then.

As someone who didn’t like getting her picture taken to begin with, I can imagine how that bothered her.




June 1, 2015:

manwantedjun1932photoplayFILMS: Added photos and a vintage review for Man Wanted (1932); a vintage review for Mary Stevens M.D. (1933); photos, advertisements and a vintage review for The Goose and the Gander (1935), as well as photos for I Found Stella Parish (1935).

Sorry for the lack of updates–I was away in Sedona, Arizona for a week, then I came home and got some news for a position I applied for as a post-grad (which I accepted their offer)–so a lot of good stuff has been happening in my life as of lately.

Of course, I still have to work on this site for Kay. It’s a labor of love and a hobby I so much enjoy. I feel as though it’s such a positive aspect of my life; something that really means something (keeping an online database for this magnificent star).

Best of everything,



May 15, 2015:

june1933photoplayARCHIVES: Added two articles from Photoplay: “Just Three Years” by Leonard Hall and “Just Love and Life” by Virginia Maxwell.

FILMS: Focused on Kay’s most obscure Paramount work. Added reviews which initially appeared in Photoplay to the following films: The Virtuous Sin (1930), Scandal Sheet (1931) & The Vice Squad.

I’ll be away from home next week, so do not expect any site updates until May 24th or after.

I am very pleased with the way the archives feature is turning out. I think it’s becoming one of my favorite things to scroll through when I’m just browsing this site as a reader. I also like the Books page, and I have to look for more text copies soon. It’s very interesting to read what professional writers have to say about Kay, but I think the archives are more compelling because they were done during her time. They reveal much about her true star status, and how she was interpreted during her heyday at Warner Bros.

After her falling out with them, I find very little about her. The B movies she made at Warner Bros. definitely were not advertised to capacity. Some of her freelance work was, but not the Monogram films. And it appears that after 1939 the magazines had largely forgotten about Kay, sans a few mentions and photos here and there.



May 12, 2015:

stranded023423CANDID: Added three photos from a 1939 gathering Kay attended with Bette Davis, Basil Rathbone, Adrian and Janet Gaynor.

FILMS: Added a photo and a spread for Living On Velvet (1935); two pictures for Stranded; two for The Goose and The Gander; one for Give Me Your Heart.

Tomorrow, in the early morning hours, Turner Classic Movies will play One Way Passage. Check your local listings. It’s widely recognized as the best movie Kay ever appeared in.


May 8, 2015:

1938screenlandboxofficepoisonARCHIVES: Added three lengthy articles to this feature. Two are from 1938 issues of Screenland magazine: “Kay and Pat Are Like That!” & “Are These Stars Really Doomed?” (which I paraphrased to focus specifically on Kay). The third is from the March 1937 issue of Silver Screen. “Projections” details Kay’s importance as the Queen of Warner Bros., and how she took that position.

CLIPPINGS: Added a 1932 one from an issue of Screenland with fashion tips from Kay, Claudette Colbert, and Bette Davis.

FILMS: Added a vintage review for First Lady, and two photos from the film.



May 5, 2015:

july1936photplayfashionkayWent back to Kay’s peak of stardom for today’s updates.

Ads: Added a 1937 clipping from Screenland Magazine asking fans, “if you had to choose a King or Queen in Hollywood, who would it be?” Kay is in the center with Joan Crawford.

FILMS: Added a shot from The White Angel (1936), as well as ads, photos, and reviews for Give Me Your Heart, Another Dawn (1937), and Confession.




April 26, 2015:

1931wbtradeaadmphAds: Added a 1931 ad announcing upcoming Kay Francis’ career at Warner Bros.

CANDID: Added two 1935 photos of Kay with Carole Lombard (one has other friends in it). Also included a photo of Kay from May 1951 when she accepted an award for the most cooperative actress in summer theater. (Basil Rathbone won the award for most cooperative actor.)

FILMS: It’s ALL about Kay’s Paramount movies here. Added an ad for The Marriage Playground bearing the film’s original title, “The Children” (1929). Added an ad for Street of Chance (1930); one for The Vice Squad (1931); two photos, a spread, and an ad for Girls About Town; a photo and an ad for The False Madonna. Added a picture for Strangers in Love (1932) as well as one for Trouble in Paradise (1932).


April 22, 2015:

themanwholosthimself040915FILMS: Today it’s all about Kay’s freelance work. I added three advertisements for In Name Only (1939) from the Motion Picture Herald. The last two do not have images, but they’re pretty influential so I wanted to add them. I added three photos to The Man Who Lost Himself (1941) and an ad. There’s two new pictures of ads from the Motion Picture Herald for Charley’s Aunt. Lastly, for Always in My Heart (1942) I added a photo of Kay and Walter Huston along with an ad.

I haven’t seen Always in My Heart since 2009. I am in the process of watching many of Kay’s movies again, just to refresh myself with them. On the cusp of turning 25 soon, I’m reading some of my writing from back when I was 19 and beginning to cringe because I have no idea what I’m talking about!

Kay deserves a little bit better.




April 18, 2015

1936septembermphfashionARCHIVES: Added a very interesting article written mostly by Kay, “What Hollywood Has Given Me–What It Has Taken From Me.” This originally appeared in the March 1934 issue of Picture Play.

FILMS: Added a spread for Dr. Monica (1934); two images for Wonder Bar; a shot of Kay and Leslie Howard in British Agent; an ad for Stranded (1935); a shot on the set of First Lady (1937).

FINALLY got a review up for Wonder Bar, so check it out.

MISC. INFO: Added two VERY interesting images. One shows the 1937 & 1936 salaries for the Warner Bros. employees (compare Kay’s to everyone else’s); and a shot of her winning a fashion award from the New York Fashion Academy.

PORTRAITS: Added eight portraits between the years of 1931-1937.


April 11, 2015

1937pictureplayARCHIVES: Two 1937 articles from Picture Play added. ‘Its Never Been Told‘–about Kay’s early NYC days, and ‘No Ordinary Actress‘–by a fan explaining what makes Kay so unique.

ART: Added a shot by Thos Bodley that appeared in the Motion Picture Herald in 1933 (so it’s black & white).

CANDID: Added two shots from costume parties (one with hubby Kenneth MacKenna) and one ‘other’ candid photo with famous friends on the Stolen Holiday set.

FILMS: Added a thespian shot from I Found Stella Parish (1935), spreads and photos to the pages for Stolen Holiday, Another Dawn, Confession, and First Lady. All of the images appeared in the 1937 issues of Picture Play.

THEATER MARQUEES: Added a 1935 shot in front of the Strand theater advertising Stranded.


April 7, 2015

drmonicaherald5ART: Added a 1934 photo with information of George K. Holt and work he did of Kay for Dr. Monica.

FILMS: Speaking of Dr. Monica, I added seven photos from the Motion Picture Herald, advertising the film. I also added three photos for Mandalay and an advertisement for British Agent.

THEATERS: Added three images advertising Trouble in Paradise, Wonder Bar, and Give Me Your Heart, respectively.

April 5, 2015

thekeyhole2342ARCHIVES: Added a 1933 article from the Motion Picture Herald, Promotes Prizes for Love Letters which features a theater showcase of Kay.

CLIPPINGS: Added a 1933 Warner Bros. spread for the summer of 1933 featuring upcoming films, including Mary Stevens, M.D.

FILMS: Added a shot of Kay from Street of Women (1932); four photos of her from Jewel Robbery, and a magazine spread; a spread for Trouble in Paradise; two shots from The Keyhole (1933), one of which was taken on her birthday; added a German ad for Storm at Daybreak, which is actually on TCM tomorrow.


April 02, 2015

youthhasitsflingheraldENCYCLOPEDIA Page Y: Finally found a poster for Youth Has Its Fling (1929), a movie Kay Francis worked on with Jean Hersholt and Fay Wray before production was scrapped and the film was never completed.

FILMS: Added a photo and an ad for Gentlemen of the Press (1929); a huge trade ad for The Cocoanuts; a poster for Behind the Make-Up (1930); a photo of Kay on the set of Scandal Sheet (1931); a picture & review of Girls About Town (at the bottom of the page); a picture of Kay & Ricardo Cortez in Transgression. For Strangers in Love (1932) I found three ads, one of which beholds the original title, Intimate

Added several Warner Bros. advertisements here.

The online resource for Kay Francis…

The online resource for the Queen of Warner Bros.