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'I Found Stella Parish' (1935)

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 December 5, 2014


It’s all about It’s a Date tonight!

I’m such a horrible webmaster sometimes! I was putting off watching this movie again because I knew the next time I watched it I would HAVE to get a review of it together for the site. Well, it’s most likely I haven’t seen this one since 2009, when I was preparing this website for it’s January 2010 launch.

After watching it this evening, I enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve been rewatching a lot of Kay’s movies lately, but this one really impressed me. I knew it was one of Kay’s better freelance works, but, again, I wasn’t watching it because I knew I would have to review it and I finally have.

Besides the review, I added six photos to a gallery. I added six lobby cards, and I added a bunch of cool advertising items for both domestic and foreign releases.



December 4, 2014

With Pat O'Brien
With Pat O’Brien

OK So I’ve been fixing a bunch of stuff on the site. So again, please be patient. I completely updated the Biography and sourced all the information that needed sourcing to make it a little more credible.

Under Photos, I added a page for Kay Francis Artwork. (Big thanks to Scott O’Brien.)

For the films:

Added two foreign posters for Another Dawn (1937)
Added a photo to Confession (1937)
Added a movie poster for Secrets of An Actress (1938)
Added a poster and two photos for Women Are Like That (1938)
Added a photo and lobby card for In Name Only (1939)

I watched Women Are Like That and Comet Over Broadway a week ago. I found the first disappointing but I found the latter so bad it was hysterically good!


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