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March 15, 2023:
For Illusion, notes from independent theater owners from “What the Picture Did for Me” were added.  Also added was a image review from the November 1929 issue of Photoplay

Unfortunately, no notes were submitted from theater owners for The Marriage Playground.  (It seems like it must not have done very good business financially.) A review was added from the December 21, 1929 issue of Exhibitor Herald-World. A review from the March 1930 issue of Screenland was also added. 

Online I found an image of a theater marquee advertising The Marriage Playground as well. This was taken at the Rivoli theater in Indianapolis, Indiana sometime in 1930. 

For Behind the Makeup, I added notes from “What the Picture Did for Me.” I also added a review from the January 25, 1930 issue of Exhibitor Herald-World, and an image review from the April 1930 issue of Screenland.

Street of Chance had a review added from the January 25, 1930 issue of Exhibitor Herald World, as well as notes from “What the Picture Did for Me.” A film image with William Powell and Kay Francis was added to the gallery.

March 10, 2023:
A special announcement for Gentlemen of the Press! I recently purchased Paramount’s mock-newspaper herald advertisement for the film!

This is an EXTREMELY rare find! Almost NOTHING has turned up for posters or lobby cards for Gentlemen of the Press. They simply have not surfaced in my 15 years of online combing for them. But this has images of what the posters would have looked like for theatre owners to order for their showings. 

Click here to download/read a pdf version of it! 

March 9, 2023:
For the Archives section of this website, there’s a newly added article from the September 1929 issue of Screenland, Gotham’s Gift to Hollywood

Films: Updated the page for The Cocoanuts. Newly added is an on the set photo from the May 1929 issue of Photoplay. Also, there is an article and accompanying photo from the July 1929 issue of Photoplay regarding the struggles of costume designers for the sounds of fabrics being absorbed by microphones. 

Information from Exhibitor Herald-World’s long-running column, What the Picture Did for Me, was added for The Cocoanuts as well as Dangerous Curves.

March 5, 2023:
For Gentlemen of the Press I added a new photo of Kay from shortly after filming as page’s main image.

Also Added:

  • A on the set photo which was published in the March 1929 issue of Photoplay.
  • A magazine clipping of a review for the film which was published in the June 1929 issue of Photoplay.
  • A magazine advertisement.
  • A screenshot from a 1930 Japanese film, That Night’s Wife. The director of that movie notably displayed a poster from Gentlemen of the Press throughout the film.
  • Information from theater owners published in Exhibitor Herald-World’s long-running column, “What the Picture Did for Me.”

Today on Facebook I announced I would resume working on this website after several years absence. My life now is in a different place, and I’m much more settled than I have been in the last few years. As a result, I’m in need of a hobby to kind of fill some free time. I just kept thinking back to how much I really enjoyed the research aspect of building this huge project for such a deserving star. 

I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I’m going to be going on down the line of the filmography and making it much more informative than just what I thought as a viewer some 15 years ago.

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