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May 23, 2016:

1941publicity312313A major update after a two month slow down!

CANDID: A 1936 shot with Delmer Daves at the Warner Bros. studios.



My sincere apologies for the lack of updates. I recently began a new job so I’ve been a little busy with some life adjustments. Also, I do a lot of computer work, so now that the weather is getting warmer it is difficult to finish a long day by working on more internet projects!

I keep up with the Facebook page for this website as much as I possibly can. So if you’re interested in seeing a daily photo of Kay Francis on your news feed, click that link to follow this page.

(If you’re one who avoids Facebook, well, you might be better off!).




March 11, 2016:

womenarelikethat4131231FILMS: Added one picture for A Notorious Affair (1930), and one and two herald images.





March 02, 2016:

With Mervyn LeRoy.
With Mervyn LeRoy.

CANDID: Added one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight photos.

FILMS: Added one, two, and three photos for The Virtuous Sin (1930). For Trouble in Paradise (1932) I added one, two, three, four.



February 11, 2016:


PORTRAITS: One, two, and three portraits added.

STAGE: A publicity shot for “State of the Union.”


January 13, 2016:



January 11, 2016:


Turner Classic Movies is doing an all day salute to Kay Francis on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. 

Check your local listings, but here’s the line-up:

6:00 AM A Notorious Affair (1930)
7:15 AM Guilty Hands (1931)
8:30 AM Jewel Robbery (1932)
9:45 AM Mary Stevens, M.D. (1933)
11:00 AM I Loved A Woman (1933)
12:45 PM Mandalay (1934)
2:00 PM Confession (1937)
3:30 PM Stolen Holiday (1937)
5:00 PM Another Dawn (1937)
6:15 PM Always In My Heart (1942)

***All times shown are Eastern.***

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