Kay Francis DVDs

On March 23, 2009 Warner Bros. released their Archive Collection. Since then, this beautiful collection has released literally hundreds of movies for the first time ever for home video. With the boom of the internet and social media and Turner Classic Movies (which shows primarily films from the Warner Bros, MGM, and RKO catalogs), Kay Francis and her colleagues have enjoyed a tremendous resurgence. Once forgotten and deemed “non-profitable” she has her fair-share of home-video availability that is only growing thanks to the Warner Bros. Archive collection.It is only fair that Warner Bros. treat her right. I mean, she was their Queen during the Great Depression, and their highest paid star in 1935, ’36,’ ’37, and ’38. They have done an excellent job with her home video releases within the last few years.

The first table contains single available DVDs. The following table contains films of Kay’s available in collections from the Archive.

DVDs that are not from the Archive follow at the bottom of the page. But the focus here is on this fabulous collection. Click here to visit the Archive home page. Click here to visit Kay’s page on their site. The films are also available for purchase on the Turner Classic Movies website. Transactions are strictly between you and the sellers. I do not receive profit from the sales.

 NEW RELEASES AS OF 08/25/2015!
dvdparish dvdangel
 I Found Stella Parish
The White Angel
 dvdconfession  dvdtouch
 The Feminine Touch

 forthedefensedvd  raffles-double-feature-dvd_200

For The Defense
(From the Universal
Vault Collection)

 streetwomendvd  onewaypassagedvd  housedvd
Street of Women
One Way Passage
The House on 56th Street
 wonderbardvd  britishagentdvd  velvetdvd
Wonder Bar
British Agent
Living on Velvet
 goosedvd  strandeddvd  givemedvd
The Goose and the Gander
Give Me Your Heart
 stolendvd  another-dawn-dvd_200  kingofunderworlddvd
Stolen Holiday
Another Dawn
King of the Underworld
 innameonlydvd  playgirldvd  wifewanteddvd
In Name Only
Play Girl
Wife Wanted


 forbiddenhollywood4dvd  mandalaydvdfbh6
Forbidden Hollywood Volume 4 Includes:Jewel Robbery

Man Wanted

Forbidden Hollywood Volume 6Includes:Mandalay

Non-Archive DVDs
Click here for the redirect to the TCM page for view/purchase.
 dvdtrouble  dvdwaltonscollection
 Trouble in Paradise
 When the Daltons Rhode
 dvdlittlemen  dvdjills
 Little Men
 Four Jills in a Jeep