Theater Marquees

Below are historic images of theaters across the country which were taken when Kay Francis’ name headed the marquee. Info regarding the date, location, and anything else have been added when known. The images are arranged in chronological order. [Legal notice: These, and all, images on this website appear for free, non-profit purposes for research/educational purposes only.]

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Loew’s Pitkin Theater
Brooklyn, New York

November, 1930, Walter Huston & Kay Francis in
The Virtuous Sin.


Stanley Theatre
237 7th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

February/March 1932, Fredric March & Kay Francis in
Strangers in Love.

Additional information.


Rivoli Theater
New York City

Fall 1932, advertising Trouble in Paradise.




Chicago Theater
175 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60601

December, 1933, the marquee advertises Kay’s newest picture,
The House on 56th Street.

Official website.


Warner Theater
Memphis, TN

Spring 1934, advertising Wonder Bar.

The theater is no longer standing.

More info.


North Park Theater
2891 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104

Fall 1935, The marquee advertises Kay Francis in
I Found Stella Parish.

Theater’s website.


Strand Theater.
New York, New York.

June, 1935 advertising Stranded.


Strand Theater.

Taken in the fall of 1935, while no marquee is present in the image, I would imagine that the theater be nearby. I am also not sure which Strand Theater this was advertised for, as there were two distinct ones in Brooklyn, NY and Lakewood, NJ.

Personally, I would imagine this photo was taken in Brooklyn. If you have any information regarding this photograph (or any), please email me.


Rio Theater
Helena, MT

September 1936, advertising Give Me Your Heart.