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1931. January 13. KAY FRANCIS TO WED

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12–Kay Francis, motion picture actress, stopped at the court house today while en route from a hospital in an ambulance and filed notice of intention to wed Kenneth MacKenna stage and screen actor.

1931. February 22. Announcing Scandal Sheet at a local theater.


1931. October 07. Announcing Guilty Hands at a local theater.



1932. March 10. Announcing the arrival of The False Madonna at a local theater.


1933. April 2. Announcing The Keyhole at a local theater.



LOS ANGELES, Feb. 3–Kay Francis, motion picture star, filed suit for divorce here today against her actor-director husband, Kenneth MacKenna, their true names were given as Katherine Gibbs Mielziner and Leo Meilziner.

1936. April 9. Announcing I Found Stella Parish at a local theater.


1936. October 18. Advertising the release of Give Me Your Heart.


“Give Me Your Heart,” a powerful drama revealing the best in human emotions along with the worst, comes to the Rialto theatre today through Thursday.

Kay Francis, who stars in the picture, is supported by a cast which includes George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles and Henry Stephenson.

The picture is based on the stage hit, “Sweet Aloes,” by Jay Mallory. It is definitely on the modern side, daring in trend, but handled with good taste.




1937. December 25. KAY FRANCIS ‘TOVARICH’ SUIT SETTLED. By staff writer.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF., Dec. 24–Kay Francis’ suit against Warner Brothers studio to annul her $3,500 weekly contract–brought when she was not given the lead in “Tovarich”–has been settled amicably, the studio said today.

Claudette Colbert was borrowed by Warners from Paramount for “Tovarich.”

[Her salary was incorrectly reported here. The real figure was $5,250 per week, based on a 1935 contract Jack Warner had offered Kay before her old one had even expired.]



HOLLYWOOD , May 4–A group of motion picture exhibitors said today Greta Garbo , Mae West , Joan Crawford , Katharine Hepburn , Kay Francis and other movie stars had lost their drawing power at the box offices and should have their salaries slashed .

A representative of the movie actors countered with the charge that . the statement is the result of a group of brainfagged individuals trying to pick a fuss where none either exists or belongs . 

…Kay Francis is still receiving many thousands a week from Warners on an old contract . Yet, so far as her draw, she is now making B pictures.

[The article further detailed the struggles of these stars to bring in movie patrons.]


1938. September 9. ADOPTS BY PROXY.

Kay Francis recently added a new twist to the child adoption fad so popular with Hollywood stars. The Warner Brothers beauty backed and financed the adoption of a child by a lonely, childless film pair whose name she will not reveal. She has known them for years, however, and the mother played a bit part in “Women Are Like That,” Kay’s latest picture.

1941. June 12. Announcing Little Men.



1948. January 24. Kay Francis III; Manager Freed.

COLUMBUS, O. Kay Francis, star of the stage play “State of the Union,” became seriously ill from an overdose of sleeping pills yesterday and police detained her stage manager for five hours while they investigated.

Howard Graham, 37, the stage manager, was released after the 43-year-old actress regained consciousness, and confirmed Graham’s story of what caused her illness. He had been booked for “investigation of assault kill.”

Police took Graham into custody at White Cross hospital , to which Miss Francis was removed about 7 a .m ., when they found she had second degree burns on her legs .

Graham , had reported that he was called to her hotel room about 6 : 30 a .m ., that she fainted and she burned her legs on a radiator when he took her to a window in an effort to revive her.