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Edwina. Kay’s middle name. This originated from her mom’s brother, Edwin.


Eells, George. Hollywood author. In terms of Kay Francis, he’s most famous for his 1976 Ginger, Loretta & Irene who? The book provided one of the first text retrospect pieces on Kay. Eells was able to interview people who she worked with and knew, but, unfortunately, painted her as a drunken, bitter recluse in her later years. While it may be partially true Kay had a bitter attitude towards her film career (why would she be as stubborn as to refuse to discuss it?), she was not a bitter person, as her friends from her later years have stated.

NY Times Obituary


Elmer the Great. A play Kay appeared in with Walter Huston, who helped secure her with her film debut in Gentlemen of the Press (1929)—the rest is history! See the Stage Career page for further information.


Empress Josephine. This was one of the projects announced for Kay in the 1933/1934 film season. The project never materialized.

Wikipedia page for the real-life Josephine.

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