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Kaufman, George S. Kay appeared in two film version of Kaufman plays, 1929’s The Cocoanuts (which Kaufman co-wrote with Irving Berlin) and 1937’s First Lady (the box office bomb which ended Kay’s top-liner days).

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Kear, Lynn. Author who co-wrote Kay Francis: A Passionate Life and Career with John Rossman in 2006 and The Complete Kay Francis Career Record again with Rossman in 2008.

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Ken Murray Show, The. One of Kay’s television appearances in 1952. See the Television Page for further information.


Kennedy, Merna. Comedic actress who appeared with Kay in 1934’s Wonder Bar.


Key, The. A 1933 Warner Bros. film originally planned to reunite Kay with William Powell. Powell made the film, but without Kay.

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keyhole232Keyhole, The. Warner Bros., 1933. Directed by Michael Curtiz. Kay’s first appearance onscreen with George Brent. The film was originally supposed to reunite Kay with William Powell.


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Kibbee, Guy. Famous character actor who appeared with Kay in 1934’s Wonder Bar.


kingdonpioletKing, Don. When Kay left for a USO tour for Canada and Alaska on February 18, 1944, King was one of their piolets. Kay began an affair with him. Fellow traveler Marsha Hunt later wrote, “…we trusted Don to deliver us safely, and so he did, despite a few rather dicey occasions. He was also handsome and a fine companion” (PL).

The affair went on through the beginning of 1945, and Kay brought in her 40th birthday with him on January 13. Considering his job, Don couldn’t have much contact with Kay. By March she had had it, and the relationship shortly cooled after.



kingofunderworld456King of the Underworld. Warner Bros., 1939. Directed by Lewis Seiler. Based on the serialized novel by W.R. Burnett. This was the only time that Kay appeared opposite Humphrey Bogart on the screen. The two had known each other for years, and Bogart had even dined with Kay in her New York apartment on November 23, 1928. The film was a remake of Dr. Socrates, and Kay played the role originated by Paul Muni in the 1935 Warner Bros. film. Of the project, Kay just blatantly told an interviewer “I’m going to be Paul Muni in skirts” (PL).

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Knowles, Patric. British actor who play’s Kay’s baby-daddy in 1936’s Give Me Your Heart. He is perhaps best known for 1938’s Robin Hood.

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Kruger, Otto. Character actor who played Kay’s right-hand-man in 1945’s crime drama Allotment Wives.

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